Wolff sees no future in sprint format: 'Nothing at stake'

15-09-2021 19:42 | Updated: 15-09-2021 23:01
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Wolff sees no future in sprint format: 'Nothing at stake'

Looking back at the Italian Grand Prix, where the second sprint race in the premier class of motor sport was held, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff doesn't see a future in the renewed format. He feels the risks are too high and the benefits too little.

"I believe the sprint race format as it stands at the moment, doesn't give a lot of benefit because nobody will take a serious risk", Wolff argued, as quoted by Autosport.com.

The team boss continued: "There's too little points at stake and the risk of compromising your Sunday Grand Prix  is just not worth the risk."

"What we've seen is a combination of general difficulties in overtaking because the straight-line speeds are very similar, but also because, even Turn 1 and 2, nobody takes a risk", Wolff believes.

Failed experiment?

"Let's try again in Brazil, see if anything changes," concludes the Austrian. "[The sprint race] was a worthwhile experiment and for me, and this is just a personal opinion or the opinion of my engineers here, it's not fish, not meat,"

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