Former driver blames Verstappen: 'He just misjudged'

15-09-2021 17:44 | Updated: 15-09-2021 22:59
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Former driver blames Verstappen: 'He just misjudged'

Despite the FIA's decision to give Max Verstappen a grid penalty for the famous Monza incident, the drama at the Italian circuit is still being explored by experts looking for an explanation and a guilty party. Former driver and Sky Sports commentator Johnny Herbert puts most of the blame on Verstappen.

"I love Max, I love what he does on the racetrack, I love what he does behind the wheel. But these situations are gonna happen, sometimes you make a misjudgement", Herbert stated in an analysis for Sky Sports. In doing so, he seems to be suggesting that for the crash at Monza, he puts the bulk of the responsibility on the Dutchman.

The key

From Verstappen's alleged hubris, Herbert extrapolates to what he sees as the key to the 2021 championship battle, which was decided in the Dutchman's favour at Monza with a difference of just five points.

Herbert: "For the championship, it’s really gonna be down to when you pick your moments, when you say: ‘It’s not worth the risk’"

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