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Mercedes backtracks: Hamilton may not need engine change

Mercedes backtracks: Hamilton may not need engine change

15-09-2021 09:51 Last update: 10:59


Mercedes said that Lewis Hamilton would have to accept a grid penalty because of his broken engine during the Grand Prix weekend in Zandvoort later on in the season but has now reconsidered this. Possibly it is not necessary for Mercedes.

Red Bull Racing is clear about the future grid penalty for Max Verstappen. Because of the crash Verstappen had at Silverstone one engine is completely written off, and with the other engines Honda will not make it to the end of the season. Sergio Perez already took his penalty in the Netherlands, where Verstappen is expected to take his penalty in Russia.

New engine for Hamilton

After a problem with the engine for Hamilton at Zandvoort, Mercedes let it be known that Lewis will also have to take a grid penalty to introduce a fourth engine. However, the team is now backing away from that. ''No, it's not an absolute must because we're still running very comfortably with this power unit,'' Toto Wolff revealed according to Motorsport.com known.

''It's a decision that can be made at any time but, at the moment, we don't feel it's necessary. Does that mean we're not going to take a fourth? No, it doesn't. We will see how the next races pan out'', said the Mercedes team boss.