Battle between Verstappen and Hamilton causes concern: 'Very worrying'

14-09-2021 16:01 | Updated: 14-09-2021 18:01
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Battle between Verstappen and Hamilton causes concern: 'Very worrying'

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are fighting it out for the world title this season and the two title rivals have clashed regularly on track. Twice they have met with serious consequences; at Silverstone and last weekend at Monza, which has Mika Hakkinen worried.

Potentially serious accidents

At Silverstone, Verstappen had a hard crash after colliding with Hamilton, in which he was lucky not to be injured. At Monza, everyone agrees that the halo did exactly what it was made for, as this could have ended much worse for Hamilton without it.

"Two potentially serious accidents in four races is very worrying because none of us should take safety for granted," Hakkinen expresses his concerns in his column for Unibet. "We must not be complacent."

Fantastic to watch

Verstappen currently leads the world championship standings with five points more than Hamilton. An unprecedented exciting battle, which we haven't seen for years in Formula 1. Hakkinen is also happy with this exciting battle. "This year's world championship is fantastic to watch and very close. I want to see Max and Lewis give 100 percent every lap."

Yet there is a but, according to Hakkinen. "I also want to see them finish the races and be on the podium. Let the results decide the championship, not the number of accidents."

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