'This was a key moment for the race and championship'

14-09-2021 14:48 | Updated: 14-09-2021 14:57
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'This was a key moment for the race and championship'

The Italian Grand Prix will mainly be remembered as the race in which Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen drove hard into each other. Martin Brundle discusses in his analysis for Sky Sports how he looks at the incident.

The former British racing driver believes that both men did not want to give up at the point of entry. "This was a key moment for the race and championship and both drivers knew that overtaking a similarly paced car was extremely difficult and they both needed to be in front. Max had the advantage of full visibility and a hot lap under his fresh tyres, Lewis was straight out of the pits."

Incident between Verstappen and Hamilton

It resulted in quite an accident between the two drivers, with Verstappen's car ending up on top of Hamilton's car. However, according to Brundle, it was beyond the drivers' control to make any other decision.

"The incident can be replayed relentlessly and in slow motion, but it all happened extremely quickly in real-time. These two drivers are experienced, streetwise, super competitive, and know all the tricks of the trade and the consequences. There was virtually no time for conscious thought, it was all about reflexes and instincts."

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