Marko does not blame Verstappen: 'We put him in this situation'

12-09-2021 16:20 | Updated: 12-09-2021 19:27
Marko does not blame Verstappen: 'We put him in this situation'

Helmut Marko saw Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fail to finish the Italian Grand Prix at the Monza circuit. According to the Austrian, it is Red Bull Racing's fault that they put Max Verstappen in this situation. Furthermore, the crash is a racing incident according to the man from Graz.

Verstappen and Hamilton crash

"It was a racing incident. Max was on the inside and didn't have enough room. As a result, he was thrown through the kerbs onto Hamilton's car," Marko told Motorsport-Magazin and others. If it's up to Red Bull Racing's advisor, the stewards won't be handing out penalties.

Both Verstappen and Hamilton had no intention of handing out gifts to each other in the Italian Grand Prix. "Neither wanted to give way. That's why it was a racing incident. You can't accuse anyone of being intentional. The end result was not wanted by anyone," he states.

At Sky's German branch, Marko goes on to say that it is Red Bull's fault for putting him in this position. The pit stop took more than ten seconds and so Verstappen ran into his World Championship rival on the track. According to the topman they should have brought Verstappen in earlier for new tyres.

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