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Brawn reviews second F1 sprint race: I don't want gimmicks either

Brawn reviews second F1 sprint race: "I don't want gimmicks either"

11-09-2021 16:51

The Italian Grand Prix brings the second sprint race weekend format in Formula 1 history. Ross Brawn, F1's managing director, has played a big part in introducing the sprint race to the sport which recieves mixed reviews. Brawn has made it clear he doesn't want to see gimmicks, but hints at a few tweaks to the sprint race format for the 2022 F1 season. 

A lot of F1 fans want to see the sport remain tradditional. Brawn understands this: "I understand the gimmicks. I don't want gimmicks either," Brawn said in an inverview on Sky Sports

"We want the integrity to be maintained. We're providing three days of action. Our numbers today show higher than Silverstone, the thing is building." 

A mixed grid

The sprint race in Italy created a change at the front. Lewis Hamilton got off the line poorly, and therefore dropped to fourth place for Sunday's race. Brawn alludes to this and explains how this changes the predictions for the race. 

"I think we would have liked to have had a tougher battle at the front. We saw some nice battles in the middle. But still, we have a different race tomorrow to what we thought we'd have yesterday. That's a strong element of it. We still have the great challenge of qualifying on the Friday. The teams and drivers have insight on where they are which they can work on tonight," Brawn added. 

"They've [drivers] been positive. We had a meeting after Silversone, but they were positive. Came out with some great ideas to enchance. They want to see more points, maybe even more jeapordy in terms of starting order. Does it excist as it does now? Or do we make it a stand alone event, with more points and some mix up in the qualifying order."

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