Will Mercedes use team order? 'It's a necessary evil'

11-09-2021 10:23 | Updated: 11-09-2021 11:55
by GPblog.com
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Will Mercedes use team order? 'It's a necessary evil'

Looking ahead to the sprint race at the Autodromo Internazionale Monza, many eyes will be on the two Mercedes cars on the front row of the grid, and a possible team order against Valtteri Bottas. Amid the criticism, Formula One journalist Edd Straw argues that the dreaded strategy decision is a 'necessary evil'.

"To instruct one driver to assist the other is derided by many as anti-sport, unethical and plain wrong. But they are a necessary evil, one Mercedes, and Red Bull for that matter must deploy when appropriate", Straw argues in his most recent contribution to The Race.

Not good enough

"Some argue it would be cruel to Bottas," he continued. "But performance is everything and team orders are still relatively rare."

Besides, Straw argues, such team orders are merely a reflection of the balance of power that exists between drivers even in terms of performance. If Bottas was simply faster, he would not be disadvantaged for his teammate's win. " He is not as good as Hamilton. Hamilton is a title threat, Bottas isn’t."

"As history shows, if one driver is better than the other, it doesn’t take long for that to be reflected in the team’s approach. Speed ultimately dictates that, not team orders", Straw concluded.

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