Verstappen: "The whole package of the car just doesn't suit this track".

10-09-2021 22:50 | Updated: 11-09-2021 07:53
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Verstappen: The whole package of the car just doesn't suit this track.

It wasn't the best day for the Red Bull Racing team, but Max Verstappen can be satisfied with a third place. The Dutchman got everything out of his car and can thank teammate Sergio Perez for the slipstream. In an interview with Olav Mol for Formula 1 Café Verstappen talks about Friday.

This weekend the second sprint race takes place, so the drivers only get one practice session on Friday before qualifying in the evening. Whether Verstappen doesn't think that's crazy? "It depends a bit, if it goes well right away it doesn't matter that much. But with us this morning it didn't go quite right, so then maybe you need a bit more time. It is what it is. There was never more to it than third place, even if we had had three practice sessions."

This weekend there are 29 points to be earned, while during a normal race weekend there are only 25 points. Mol feels that is unfair, as Mercedes now get an advantage at a circuit where they are strong. "You can hardly say, because that team is very good there you can't hold that race there. Normally we are good in Monaco. There are 25 points to be won there, that's just the way it is. Then we just have to make sure we are better here", said Verstappen.

Monza is not Red Bull's track

With less downforce Red Bull Racing can't drive in any case. "No, then you'd better take off that rear wing. It's not just the rear wing, of course, there are lots of things wrong with the car. Of course we lack some power, but the whole package of the car just doesn't suit this track. That's why at other tracks the car is doing better", the Dutchman added.

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