Toto Wolff: 'In the intercom we said, it's as beautiful as in the old days'

10-09-2021 18:40
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Toto Wolff: 'In the intercom we said, it's as beautiful as in the old days'

Toto Wolff will be full of joy at the moment as Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton have claimed a front-row lockout for The Sprint tomorrow, finishing ahead of Max Verstappen in P3. 

"It was good in every sector," Wolff told Sky Sports, "I think Max actually outperformed the car. He then got it together on one lap. In that respect, we are happy [of our result]."

Happy but still got work to do

He expressed his happiness at the great performance from both his drivers, "in the intercom we said it's as beautiful as in the old days, to get reminded again!"

Wolff, however, went on to add that it's not over yet and it is important to have a good performance tomorrow and on Sunday. "It depends on if you see the world from a half-full glass or a half-empty. We are half-empty and it's a solid advantage. We can be happy with that. The critical part is trying to perform each and every weekend and not having any DNF's."

Team orders to come into play?

When asked about team orders potentially being used to help Hamilton in the Drivers' Championship, Wolff finished by stating, "it's difficult generally when you have to call team orders because we are all racers and he is here on merit. It'll come down to being careful in the first corner and seeing how it pans out."

Mercedes time to shine?

After losing out to Max Verstappen and Red Bull at his home race in Zandvoort, the Mercedes team principal was questioned about whether Monza and Russia are the team's chances to fight back against the Austrian team. "I think we are looking okay. We weren't there in Zandvoort but it was the Max factor also there. It was his home race in front of his home crowd but let's see how it pans out here and in Russia," Wolff told the camera.

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