Hamilton cautious about Russell: "I don't know what to expect from George"

10-09-2021 12:22 | Updated: 10-09-2021 13:38
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Hamilton cautious about Russell: I don't know what to expect from George

Lewis Hamilton is still unsure what to expect from his new teammate George Russell. He can't yet say whether he expects to be faster than Valtteri Bottas, adding that he hasn't had a personal conversation with him yet.

The seven-time world champion is still keeping quiet about the expectations of his new teammate. "I don't know what to expect from George. I don't put any expectations on him anyway," he told Formule1.nl during the press conference before the Italian Grand Prix.

Hamilton has no expectations from Russell yet

"I can't say for sure whether he will be faster or slower than Valtteri, because I haven't raced against him yet. But I have no doubt he will be fast", the Mercedes driver continued.

There have been rumours for some time that Hamilton had veto power over the choice of his teammate, but he himself denies having any knowledge of this. "No idea, that's not really my style. When I came to this team I said to Ross Brawn: all I want is to be treated equally. Then when you manage to win, that gives the most satisfaction as well."

Hamilton doesn't think a personal talk with his new teammate is necessary. "I have never done that with a teammate. I texted him to congratulate him. I don't know if such a conversation is necessary either. He has a lot to gain by coming to the team, and can learn a lot here," the 36-year-old Briton concluded.

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