Hamilton puts a lot of pressure on: "Winning against Red Bull is a must''

10-09-2021 07:02 | Updated: 10-09-2021 09:29
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Hamilton puts a lot of pressure on: Winning against Red Bull is a must''

Lewis Hamilton won the previous race weekend with a sprint race but does not keep good memories of the sprint race at home. The Mercedes driver argues that this weekend's win over Red Bull is a must.

Hamilton is three points behind Max Verstappen in the drivers' championship. Hamilton was three points ahead but had to let Verstappen win in the Netherlands. At Monza Hamilton hopes to strike back. He said at the Warm-Up Weekend the following:

Pressure on Mercedes

''Beating Red Bull in both races is not crucial, but it is a must. They've won the last two races'', after which Hamilton recovers and says: ''Or well, the race before wasn't a race, but they won that one. But at least we can't afford to lose any more points.''

''I lost a lot of ground in the first sprint race, but this one in Monza can be more fun because of the long straights so you will see more overtaking than in Silverstone. If you had done the first lap in Silverstone, it wasn't really a race anymore. Hopefully, you will see more overtaking here,'' concludes the seven-time world champion.

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