Giovinazzi is fed up with uncertainty: "Always the same story in September for me"

09-09-2021 19:20 | Updated: 09-09-2021 20:29
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Giovinazzi is fed up with uncertainty: Always the same story in September for me

While Aston Martin and Haas, among others, have yet to confirm their seats for 2022, these four spots already seem to be taken. This would mean that the second seat at Alfa Romeo, next to Valtteri Bottas, is the only one still in doubt. Antonio Giovinazzi, Alfa Romeo's current second driver, is also undecided.

Will it be Nyck de Vries, Antonio Giovinazzi or Guanyu Zhou who will drive next year alongside Bottas? To the Italian says he hasn't heard anything yet and therefore he doesn't know anything.

"No, I don't have any news yet. I've only been told that Valtteri is coming to Alfa. But I haven't heard anything about myself." It's nothing new for Giovinazzi.

"It's always the same story for me in September. In the last three years, rumours have always come out in September about my seat and about the year after. But I don't want to worry too much about that, because it only wastes my energy. I want to be satisfied with my own performance and see what others decide."

Giovinazzi has no deadline

The Italian, like all drivers, would like to know as soon as possible if he still has a place in Formula 1 next year. Especially since he knows that otherwise he won't have a seat next year. All other seats are already taken.

"Whether I already have a deadline for myself? No, not really to be honest. Of course I would like to know as soon as possible where my future lies, but I must accept that it is not my decision. I also know there are a lot of rumours going around, although I don't have those things in my own hands either. That's why I prefer to focus on my own performance and not on all the peripheral issues. I have to get the best results possible and then see what happens."

There is little chance that news of Alfa Romeo's second seat will come out during the weekend at Monza. Still, an announcement could come at any time, any place. Perhaps in Giovinazzi's favour.

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