F1 doesn't seem to be done with the calendar in 2021 yet: 'Keep an eye on it'

08-09-2021 08:28 | Updated: 08-09-2021 10:41
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F1 doesn't seem to be done with the calendar in 2021 yet: 'Keep an eye on it'

Formula 1 still has a pretty tough task on its hands in 2021 to get the calendar in order. Turkey is still on the red list in Britain, hospitals are full in Texas and there is still a TBC spot on the calendar.

F1 calendar of 2021

Formula 1 wanted to return to a normal season in 2021, but that certainly has not happened this year. Time and again the calendar has been changed, because the world is still struggling with the consequences of the coronavirus, and the rest of the season is far from fixed. F1 has abandoned the idea of holding 23 races, but 22 races still seems difficult.

At this moment, there is one open spot on the calendar. It is an open secret that Qatar will be filled here, but there is no official confirmation yet. The biggest problems, however, are in Turkey. That country is on red alert in Great Britain, which would mean that almost every team would have to go into quarantine.

Problems in Turkey

''Up to now we have brought out all the information. And so far it is stable. Let's hope there are no cases where the situation becomes more critical. We are obviously monitoring the situation and we really hope that the situation improves. All I know is that sales are going extremely well in Turkey. And that's very good news'', Stefano Domenicali revealed to Motorsport.com.

In the rumour mill, an extra race in America was suggested as a replacement, but with the hospitals in Texas being overcrowded that doesn't seem to be an ideal solution. The Grands Prix of Brazil and Mexico also seem far from certain with the conditions in those countries, so F1 will have to keep working on different scenarios for a long time to come.

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