Binotto thinks Wolff's interference is wrong: 'Should have no influence on that'

06-09-2021 09:19 | Updated: 06-09-2021 10:58
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Binotto thinks Wolff's interference is wrong: 'Should have no influence on that'

Mattia Binotto is upset that Toto Wolff is trying to interfere with Williams' driver selection. The Mercedes team boss wants Alexander Albon to break his ties with Red Bull if he is going to drive for Williams, but according to Binotto Wolff has nothing to say about that.

Wolff caused a stir this weekend by openly talking about the seat at Williams. It became more and more clear that Albon is a good candidate to fill the gap left by George Russell, but Wolff only wants Albon to break his ties with Mercedes. Binotto however thinks that Wolff has nothing to do with this.

Involvement of Wolff

''I believe that what happens between a team and a driver is between the team and a driver, and as manufacturers, we should have no influence on that. I think it would be wrong. If a driver has been given the chance to drive he should just be given the chance to drive, wherever he is from and if the team would like to give him a seat, then they should give him a seat,'' the Ferrari team boss said according to

It is of course remarkable that Ferrari is speaking out about this, with talents, Mick Schumacher and Antonio Giovinazzi assured of a seat at customer teams Alfa Romeo and Haas. According to Binotto, however, things are different. "It's not about a 'Ferrari seat' at Alfa. It was contact from Alfa Romeo, the sponsor of the Sauber team'', Binotto concludes.

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