This is how the British F1 press reacted to the Dutch Grand Prix party

06-09-2021 07:59
This is how the British F1 press reacted to the Dutch Grand Prix party

The Dutch Grand Prix was a spectacular orange weekend. The Max Verstappen fans demonstrated their passion and their party atmosphere around the Zandvoort circuit. Max Verstappen claimed the win, as Lewis Hamilton couldn't get near him for the overtake. Here's how the British press reacted to the race which saw Verstappen return to the top of the World Championship. 

Daily Mail 

The Daily Mail highlights the home crowd, and how Hamilton drove well but couldn't get near the Red Bull Racing car. "Sunday's Dutch Grand Prix – a fine, friendly, boisterous event – won by Max Verstappen to paroxysms of delight among his adoring home public was a case in point of the Briton’s relentless nature struggling to accept second place. As it happened, he finished precisely there through a combination of Verstappen’s own unerring driving and the pace of his Red Bull being too extravagant for Mercedes to stop even though they tried to throw every sling and arrow of strategy at the opposition. Hamilton drove very well himself but ended the day with a three-point deficit in the championship, a swing of six."

The Guardian

The Guardian also highlights the Dutch crowd but also points to how the leader of the World Championship continues to change. "Max Verstappen’s fans had been waiting for this moment all season and with his win at the Dutch Grand Prix he delivered with aplomb. The Dutch lion roared in front of a home crowd at Zandvoort that had come for a party and Verstappen proved a munificent host. Retaking the lead in the title fight by beating Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton into second was his reward in this tightly fought season that continues to ebb and flow."

BBC Sport

BBC Sport look at the way the Mercedes team communicated with their drivers, and how this is a result of the pressure applied by Red Bull. "Mercedes tried what they could to challenge Verstappen, putting Hamilton on a two-stop strategy, then trying to use Bottas to hold him up, but Red Bull always appeared to be in control. There appeared to be some disagreements between Hamilton and the team on the strategy deployed, but their conversations were a function of the fact that Verstappen just had that bit of extra pace to be able to answer everything Mercedes threw at him."

Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror labels it as one of the best Grands Prix atmospheres ever. "Verstappen's orange army created one of the best Formula One atmospheres of recent times on the sport's return to Holland after 36 years away. And their star man did not disappoint with a commanding win from pole."

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