Zandvoort circuit designer proud: 'If he says so...'

04-09-2021 12:58 | Updated: 04-09-2021 13:56
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Zandvoort circuit designer proud: 'If he says so...'

The Grand Prix weekend in the Netherlands is well under way and architect Jarno Zaffelli gets a lot of compliments from the entire grid. But it's not the compliments from Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen that he finds most important.

For the Dutch Grand Prix, actually scheduled for 2020, Circuit Zandvoort underwent a metamorphosis. New banked corners were added, new run-off areas were created and the buildings around the circuit were renovated.

Big compliment from Mayländer

Zaffelli is full of pride after the work done by engineering firm Dromo. Especially the nice words of safety car driver Bernd Mayländer did him good: "He drives the most laps on the circuits and knows them all, all over the world," he says at the NOS.

"Mayländer said to me: 'good work because the circuit feels the same as before the rebuild.' That means we didn't ruin it and that's exactly what we wanted," Zaffelli continued. Mayländer was not the only one to be enthusiastic: "Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, but also Jackie Stewart and David Coulthard. But when Bernd Mayländer also says so... What more could you want?"

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