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Tuesday in Zandvoort: Verstappen shares cool preview and Vettel is at the butcher's

Tuesday in Zandvoort: Verstappen shares cool preview and Vettel is at the butcher's

31-08-2021 21:16


It is a special week for Dutch motorsport, as this weekend the Dutch Grand Prix finally takes place. On GPblog we collect all the photos, quotes and tweets from Zandvoort for you. Here is what happened today at the Zandvoort circuit.

Zandvoort circuit wins summary proceedings

It was uncertain for a while whether the Dutch Grand Prix would go ahead this weekend, but today we received the news that Zandvoort had won the preliminary relief case brought by Mobilisation for the environment (MOB). "Circuit Zandvoort has now organised F1 almost entirely and has invested heavily in it. Not holding the F1 would immediately lead to very large losses and possible bankruptcy for Circuit Zandvoort", was the verdict of the court.

Bottas prepares

Valtteri Bottas is busy practicing for Zandvoort on the Mercedes simulator! It is a new circuit for many drivers on the grid, so extra practice can not hurt.

Cool Zandvoort preview

Max Verstappen shared this cool video of Car Next on his Instagram Stories this morning. "Last weekend's race fell apart. The orange army marches with the Dutch Lion to Zandvoort. Finally, after 36 years, a real Formula 1 battle is taking place on Dutch soil. This will not be just a race. It will be a new milestone in Formula 1 history. Go, Max", is the caption.

Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram

Een bericht gedeeld door CarNext.com (@carnextcom)

Teams busy building up

On the official Twitter of the Dutch GP we are kept up to date about all the constructions at the circuit. Today we got a look behind the scenes of the construction of the stage and the paddock at Ferrari.

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