Hamilton: "I hope the fans get their money back!"

29-08-2021 17:48
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Hamilton: I hope the fans get their money back!

Lewis Hamilton has had his lead in the World Championship cut to three after half points were awarded in the Belgian Grand Prix. Hamilton finished third, but his rival for the title Max Verstappen took home 12.5 points for the race win. Just three laps were completed after a three-hour rain-soaked delay.

In qualifying on Saturday, Hamilton was beaten by Verstappen and fellow-countryman George Russell in his Williams. Russell, who could be Hamilton's teammate next season, secured his first F1 podium following that strong qualifying session. In the interviews, after the result was declared, Hamilton mentioned the short restart. 

The fans

"Firstly, I feel really sorry for the fans today. It's nobody's fault but the fans have been incredible to stick with us and hold out for a potential race. They knew when they sent us out that the track wasn't any better. Just to start two laps behind the safety car which is the minimum requirement to start a race. I hope they get their money back," Hamilton said. 

"With 5 meters in front of you, the car disappears so it was difficult down the straights to see the flashing light. You couldn't go flat out because you couldn't see what part of the track they were on."

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