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Marko looks ahead: 'overtaking is still very difficult at Zandvoort'

Marko looks ahead: 'overtaking is still very difficult at Zandvoort'

19-08-2021 16:25 Last update: 17:55


In two weeks time Formula 1 returns to Zandvoort with the first Dutch Grand Prix since 1985. In the Zandvoort Special of Formula 1 Magazine Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko looks ahead and back on the race at Zandvoort.

Highlight on the calendar

With Max Verstappen as star driver the Dutch Grand Prix is of course extra special. The Dutchman has a real home race for the first time in his Formula 1 career. Although the Belgian Grand Prix came close as well of course.

"I remember being at Zandvoort in 1971", Marko looks back at Zandvoort. "It was always a highlight on the calendar, with a very enthusiastic crowd." Marko never drove at Zandvoort during his short-lived Formula One career, but his memories of the circuit are still very clear. "The race was always held in the summer then, so the weather was fine. It was always good racing at Zandvoort. You have good restaurants there, that made it fun too."

Red Bull must be there right away

The return of the Dutch Grand Prix to the Formula 1 calendar is of course only complete with a victory for Verstappen. That means the Dutchman has to be on his feet on Saturday, Marko believes. "Especially in qualifying, because overtaking is still very difficult there, because the track doesn't lend itself to it with all those corners."

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