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Perez's performance reassures Red Bull: 'Delivered what we hoped for'

Perez's performance reassures Red Bull: 'Delivered what we hoped for'

19-08-2021 09:31 Last update: 10:53

Red Bull Racing opted for Sergio Perez at Red Bull Racing this season and brought Yuki Tsunoda to AlphaTauri. It fits with the many changes Red Bull make within their line-ups each year, but Christian Horner, in conversation with hints at few changes for 2022.

Red Bull Programme

Red Bull Racing did not choose a home-grown talent for 2021 for the first time in years. Sergio Perez was brought in as a teammate of Max Verstappen. The Mexican was to offer more support with his experience to the Dutchman, who has always had to go it alone with Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon as teammates.

''We have always believed that young talent should be given a chance, and Red Bull have done that more than any other team, in my opinion. But every now and then you have to look outside the programme'', Horner said of that now at the summer break. That did mean Gasly had to stay longer at AlphaTauri, rather than get a second chance at Red Bull.

Satisfied with Perez

''Pierre is doing a fantastic job at AlphaTauri. And he's still a Red Bull driver, so we're in a good situation'', the Red Bull team boss seems to be hinting at the same line-up for 2022. With the new regulations for 2022, it also makes sense to keep as much the same as possible. Gasly and Verstappen will lead their team, while Perez and Tsunoda will only get better the more metres they make for their new team.

''Sergio I think has brought what we hoped for. You saw that in Baku, for example, where he ran away with the win. He has taken good points for the constructors' championship and puts the team first, as we saw at the French Grand Prix. He is a real team player. We're very happy with the work he's doing'', concludes Red Bull Racing's team principal.

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