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De Vries after dramatic race: 'Lucky that I am still in the lead'

De Vries after dramatic race: 'Lucky that I am still in the lead'

14-08-2021 17:20 Last update: 19:04


The penultimate race of the Formula E championship did not go as Nyck de Vries had hoped. Like Robin Frijns, he started outside the top ten and, partly due to a flat tyre, was unable to fight his way back into the top ten. The Dutchman eventually finished 22nd.

In conversation with The Race the Dutchman said that in terms of points he was lucky today. De Vries still leads the championship, albeit by just three points.

"I have to admit that today could have definitely been a worse day for the championship. As we have seen in this race, it is so unpredictable, so up and down, and you can't really build and count on anything. So we really tried to focus on ourselves, do the best job we can. Hoping the lottery lands on us tomorrow."

De Vries close to championship

Because with one more race to go, tomorrow, the championship is now very close. Yet the Dutchman also knows that the form of the day could well decide the championship.

"Whoever manages to have a good day tomorrow is going to be crowned champion at the end of the race."

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