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Wolff is lying, he's talking Mercedes up afterwards because they won

"Wolff is lying, he's talking Mercedes up afterwards because they won"

12-08-2021 19:19 Last update: 21:28


Dutch pit reporter Jack Plooij doesn't like the developments in the soap opera playing out between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. He feels that the back and forth only adds fuel to the fire, resulting in animosity between fans.

According to Plooij it was enough for a spectator not to applaud an opponent in the past, but the public did not go on to booing a driver. However, he does feel that team bosses are partly responsible for the behaviour of their fans. "Then Toto Wolff joins in on that again by pointing the finger at the orange fans," he said in an interview with Motorsport.com. "But that makes no sense at all, because then you're just throwing oil on the fire."

Mercedes carries a hypocritical message according to Plooij

"And what I found very disappointing is that as Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton you talk about respect for years and enforce that t-shirts have to be worn, but then don't show any respect yourself. I don't like that", Plooij continues.

Incidentally, the pit reporter doesn't believe a word of Toto Wolff's claim, who insists that Mercedes made the right decision by not boxing Lewis Hamilton on the restart in Hungary. "Toto Wolff is lying. He is justifying it with hindsight because they won, but that can never have been a good decision", concludes Plooij.

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