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Jeremy Clarkson opens another attack on Hamilton

Jeremy Clarkson opens another attack on Hamilton

11-08-2021 09:13 Last update: 11:29


Jeremy Clarkson has once again lashed out at Lewis Hamilton. The former Top Gear presenter is no fan of the Brit, and was disgusted by Hamilton's behaviour after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Clarkson opens the attack

Hamilton doesn't have many fans in the Netherlands anymore because of his fight with Max Verstappen, but in England, not everyone is a fan of the seven-time world champion. Clarkson has taken a swipe at Hamilton before, tweeting at the restart of the Hungarian Grand Prix that it was handy that Hamilton was alone on the grid, so at least he couldn't run anyone off the track.

Jeremy Clarkson also wrote a piece for a British newspaper, which can be read in the below. In this piece, Clarkson lashes out at his fellow countryman.

Hamilton no hero

"Lewis Hamilton needs a smacked bottom. He spent most of last week's thrilling race on the radio, claiming the chap in front of him Fernando Alonso was cheating. Which he wasn't. And then when Lewis finishes in third place, he flopped about on the podium claiming he has 'long Covid', which seems to me to be another way of saying: 'Please ignore Esteban Ocon, the rookie who just beat me. I'm the real hero and don't you forget that," it reads.

Clarkson, however, is not keen on that attitude, and let it be known. ''Well I'm sorry Lewis, but if you behave like that, you aren't. Oh, and pay your taxes," Clarkson concludes.

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