'Verstappen lost his cool in press conference, plays into Mercedes' hands'
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'Verstappen lost his cool in press conference, plays into Mercedes' hands'

08-08-2021 19:09

Nico Rosberg believes that the momentum in Formula 1 has shifted a bit to Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. The 36-year-old analyst thinks Hamilton has been very smart in recent weeks about what's coming at him. Where the seven-time world champion kept the peace, Max Verstappen recently shot out of his skin.

"Mercedes have the upper hand in everything now. In pace, posture and attitude," Rosberg said to Sky Sports over the weekend at the Hungaroring. The 2016 world champion cites the example of Thursday in Hungary. "I would say if you look, Verstappen lost his cool in the press conference, shouting at the journalists which all plays into the hands of Mercedes at the minute."

The 23-year-old Dutchman was asked if he would crash again with Hamilton in the first corner if they started together from the front row of the grid. The journalist on duty could not even finish his question as Verstappen had had enough. "Verstappen lost his cool after a journalist asking if they were going to touch again in turn one. Verstappen shouted, whereas Hamilton just shrugged his shoulders, that showed a position of strength from him."

Hamilton reacts smartly

Hamilton also handled the situation with the boos cleverly according to his former teammate. "Lewis has been through everything already so he'll know how to deal with that. He's very smart, he knows how to deal with all the different situations which are thrown at it. He's smart at saying the right things in the press," said a praising Rosberg.

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