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Ricciardo: 'I did talk about a move to Ferrari'

Ricciardo: 'I did talk about a move to Ferrari'

07-08-2021 15:24 Last update: 16:10


Daniel Ricciardo has been traveling a lot between the different F1 teams in recent years. According to the Australian, Ferrari also came up for discussion at one point, but it never got really serious.

Many drivers in Formula 1 would consider it an honour to drive around the track in the red of Ferrari. Daniel Ricciardo is known to be one of them, but it has never come to pass until now, despite the opportunities he has had in recent seasons.

The team from Maranello did come up for discussion at one point for Ricciardo, as he revealed in an interview with the Italian version of Motorsport.com. "A while ago we had a short conversation. But we never sat down to discuss a contract. Something was playing out, but there was never a follow-up step."

Ricciardo more often on the candidate list

It was more than one occasion that Ricciardo has been listed as a possible candidate for a seat at Ferrari. When the Australian was still attached to Red Bull Racing, there were rumours that Ricciardo was heading to the Tifosi to take over Kimi Raikkonen's spot. "I did think about Ferrari as one of my options, especially when the team was still battling Sebastian Vettel for the title," he said.

Eventually, Raikkonen's seat went to Leclerc, who is currently the undisputed number one at the team. When Vettel was later shown the door at Ferrari, Ricciardo's name was again on the shortlist, but it ultimately was Carlos Sainz who came out on top.

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