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Some big changes might happen to the 2022 calendar

Some big changes might happen to the 2022 calendar

07-08-2021 10:19 Last update: 13:37


Not only cars will be changed in 2022, but the calendar might look different too. The new Miami Grand Prix is thought to be getting a date at the beginning of May and the Dutch Grand Prix might get a date at the beginning of the season.

Miami and Canada already in May

It was announced on Friday that the Miami Grand Prix will likely be given a date in the first half of May. This would mean that the Formula One circus would have to fly between America and Europe several times during the first half of the season, as Canada normally has a date in June. According to The Race Canada is still aiming for a date in that month. For Canada, there are few options other than the summer months, as the winters in the country can be long and harsh.

The Monaco Grand Prix is traditionally held at the end of May. In previous seasons there was always another European grand prix scheduled before the circus travels to Monaco, but should Canada change places there is probably no room for it.

Netherlands possibly early in the season

According to The Race, it is also quite possible that the Grands Prix of Spain and the Netherlands will be held directly after each other in April. The start of the 2022 season would be similar to the one of this year: starting in the Middle East with Bahrain and possibly Saudi Arabia and then on to Europe. It is still unclear if China and Australia can take their usual spot at the start of next season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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