Problem ahead for Formula 1 if Japanese GP is cancelled

05-08-2021 16:51 | Updated: 05-08-2021 17:06
Problem ahead for Formula 1 if Japanese GP is cancelled

Formula 1 may soon be facing a big challenge in regards to the calendar. In the second half of the season there should be a race in Japan, but that might not be possible because of the many coronavirus infections in the country. A cancellation of the Grand Prix at Suzuka (10 October) would cause a much bigger problem than appears initially.

If it goes ahead, Japan would be the third race in a triple-header after Russia (September 26) and Turkey (October 3). After the Turkish Grand Prix, the seven F1 teams based in Britain will all have to spend ten days in quarantine, as the British government still has Turkey on the red list. If the GP in Japan goes ahead, this quarantine could be avoided and the teams would then travel directly from Turkey to Japan, rather than go to the UK in between.

No two GPs in the US

If the Japanese GP is cancelled, however, then the Circuit of the Americas would be the most likely candidate to replace it. This race would have to be held on October 17, but because Turkey is on the red list, that seems impossible. After the Turkish GP everyone based in the UK would have to go into quarantine, which would end on 13 October. In terms of logistics, it would then be almost unfeasible to travel directly to the United States after then, and start the GP-weekend there.

F1 boss Stefano Domenicali now hopes to negotiate an exemption from the quarantine obligation with the British government. If that is the case, then the problem seems to be solved.

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