Carlos Sainz Sr proud of his son: 'He has to go his own way'

05-08-2021 11:08 | Updated: 05-08-2021 13:29
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Carlos Sainz Sr proud of his son: 'He has to go his own way'

While Sainz Sr. has some immense successes behind his name, this doesn't apply to Carlos Sainz. The Spaniard now has a few podiums to his name, including last weekend in Hungary, but is still looking for his first victory.

Still, his father sees that Sainz Jr. is developing well at Ferrari and that he is in the right place. This he says to

"I am happy for him and proud that he is doing so well. I was sure he had the skills to get used to the cars quickly, but Leclerc is obviously a challenge. Charles is a very fast driver. But he's taking it step by step." The Spaniard is also looking forward to the new rules in 2022.

"The rules will be completely different next year, so the drivers have to get used to a completely new way of driving a Formula One car. It will be a nice challenge"

Sainz happy with Ferrari

Sainz Sr has also noticed that the Italian team is improving, especially in comparison to last year.

"Ferrari is a great team. They are in a situation where they are coming back. They are improving and have made a big step from last year to this year. And of course Carlos and Charles are working well together and pushing each other"

Sainz speaks son almost every day

In that respect, the two are almost impossible to keep apart. "He knows my phone number. Of course we speak to each other almost every day. But my presence is not necessary. And when I am there, it's just a pleasure to be there. He knows what he has to do. his life, his challenge, his passion. He has to go his own way."

Sainz, along with Leclerc, will try to keep Ferrari in contention for third place in the Constructors' Championship during the next 12 races.

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