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Hakkinen praises: 'Verstappen performed a miracle'

Hakkinen praises: 'Verstappen performed a miracle'

03-08-2021 17:51 Last update: 19:31


Looking back on the hectic Hungarian Grand Prix, former driver Mika Hakkinen sees not only a title race on its head, but also a minor miracle in the performance of Max Verstappen, who with half a floor and badly compromised aerodynamics still managed to secure a point in the drivers and constructors battle.

"I  really expected Red Bull to dominate this weekend considering the strengths of their car and its suitability for tight circuits." Hakkinen began in his usual column on Unibet. "However, Mercedes has reacted brilliantly in recent weeks, bringing upgrades and really fighting back."

Hakkinen also saw his expectations of the weekend as well as the championship battle upended by the chaos of the first turn. "The accident in the first corner had a big impact on the race and the world championship," he said.

Small miracle

The former driver explains: "It was the damage caused to Red Bull’s cars that really changed the race and the championship.  With Sergio Perez out of the race and Max’s car suffering a lot of damage, it’s actually a miracle that he finished the race and scored a point. This was a very difficult day for the team."

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