Marko angry at incidents: 'Mercedes are taking advantage of this'

03-08-2021 14:48 | Updated: 03-08-2021 14:54
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Marko angry at incidents: 'Mercedes are taking advantage of this'

Red Bull Racing had to deal with two major disappointments in Hungary due to Sergio Pérez's retirement and Max Verstappen's damaged car. Helmut Marko is angry about the way things went in the last couple of weeks.

Red Bull's team boss has had a troubled few days. "It's a mixture of frustration and anger, helplessness and slight despair," Marko told F1 Insider. "The last two races can be described as 'collateral damage' for us. We were comfortably in the lead. Now we are not only behind in the championship, on top of that there is a chassis destroyed, an engine, maybe even a second one."

Regulations within Formula One allow for the use of three different engines per season. "That means we have to expect a grid penalty at some point during the year because we can't get by with the three different engines in these conditions. It's cynical that we can't do anything about it and Mercedes, whose drivers are the cause of our problems, are taking advantage of this."

Verstappen conquers a point after all

Verstappen did deliver a fine performance in Hungary by crossing the finish line with a damaged car. The Dutchman crossed the finish line in tenth place.

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