Lammers: 'Isn't there anyone who has the guts?'

03-08-2021 13:05 | Updated: 04-08-2021 11:34
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Lammers: 'Isn't there anyone who has the guts?'

The Hungarian Grand Prix was anything but boring. Valtteri Bottas caused a series of accidents as early as the first lap, while Sebastian Vettel was disqualified after the race for not having enough fuel in his car.

Bottas received a five-place grid penalty for the accident, while Vettel saw his second place disappear. Jan Lammers believes that the race committee should judge differently in the future, he stated at the NOS Formula 1 podcast. "Is there nobody with the guts to make the decision to give Verstappen and Hamilton both no points at Silverstone and in the case of Vettel to give him a warning and a 10,000 euro fine? I don't think you would have heard anyone about it."

Lammers understands that drivers who previously did receive heavy penalties for similar situations would be angered, but points out that Formula 1 also needs to have the guts to bring about change. "You have to go somewhere to break the era where rules are not only applied according to the letter of the law but also according to the spirit of the sport."

GP of Hungary

With the top teams dropping out, Esteban Ocon saw his dream come true by grabbing first place in Hungary. Lewis Hamilton grabbed second place.

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