Villeneuve: 'Nobody else as comfortable in RB16B as Verstappen'

03-08-2021 09:18 | Updated: 03-08-2021 11:37
Villeneuve: 'Nobody else as comfortable in RB16B as Verstappen'

Jacques Villeneuve thinks Max Verstappen is making a good impression so far this season. The Formula 1 analyst states that the fifteen-time Grand Prix winner has become a lot more mature again and that that is very important in the duel with Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes.

"He’s in very good shape, Red Bull is geared towards him, he drives the car perfectly,” Villeneuve said in an interview with Italy's Libero Quotidiano. The single world champion believes that 2021 is already a very good season for Verstappen. "Whether he wins the championship or not, it’s the right year and he has matured a lot."

Maturity Verstappen praised

Hamilton held the World Cup lead until the Monaco Grand Prix. After that, it was the Dutch Red Bull driver who was on top for six GPs, but he had to relinquish that position to the seven-time world champion after Hungary. It is an intense duel, on and off the track. "He fights against a Mercedes in great crisis and for the search of the hundredth that makes the difference."

With his RB16B so tuned to Verstappen's wishes, the Dutchman is completely at one with his car. “Red Bull took advantage of Verstappen and in his hands, the car today is an arrow. No one else will be able to be so comfortable.”

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