Leclerc: 'Can't believe Stroll makes move for P4 from P15 or so'

02-08-2021 08:14
Leclerc: 'Can't believe Stroll makes move for P4 from P15 or so'

Charles Leclerc's race was soon over in Hungary at the hands of Lance Stroll. The Aston Martin driver was a bit too optimistic at the start which meant an early exit for the 23-year-old driver. Leclerc cannot understand what Stroll was trying to do in Budapest.

"It's hugely frustrating," Leclerc said to the camera of Ziggo Sport. When Jack Plooij asks him if he understands what Stroll did on the wet grass, he replies: "I don't know, he'll probably answer what he has done wrong, but obviously it was a pretty big mistake from a long long way back. It's very frustrating. We knew it was going to be a tricky start, everyone knew that. Then when you're trying to make a move for P4 when you're coming from P15 or so, it's a bit exaggerating."

In the review at his employer Ferrari, the young Monegasque is still grieving. "I had a strong start and was in a good position, fighting for second or third. I knew that I had an opportunity today, so I took it easy and moved with caution. I was taking the first corner and no way was I expecting anyone to make that kind of move on me. Getting caught out like this is just a shame."

Early end Leclerc

Leclerc tried to continue his way after the big touch, but he soon saw the futility of his mission. "The damage was so big that once I arrived at the braking point for the next corner, I spun straight away. Not the way we wanted to head into the summer break, but that's how it is," Leclerc, along with five other dropouts, accounted for no fewer than six DNFs at the Hungaroring.

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