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Verstappen determined: I'm absolutely sure I'm faster than Hamilton

Verstappen determined: "I'm absolutely sure I'm faster than Hamilton"

02-08-2021 07:24

Max Verstappen believes Red Bull Racing has some catching up to do when it comes to the development of the car. However, the fifteen-time Grand Prix winner is still convinced he is the fastest driver in Formula 1 and therefore capable of making the gap look smaller.

"I see it like this: I can still go faster than anyone in a car. There's still something in there too. I'm absolutely sure I'm faster than Lewis," Verstappen spoke plainly in an interview with The Telegraph After the Hungarian Grand Prix. "For myself, it works very well to think like that. If I don't think that way, I'm indeed better off staying home."

Mercedes has the lead

The 23-year-old Limburger thinks Mercedes have made strides in recent weeks and therefore now have a better car than the RB16B."I think earlier this year the cars were definitely equivalent. Now Mercedes is a bit ahead again and we have to make sure we at least straighten it out. Then I can make the difference," he explained.

At Silverstone, the German formation brought updates and that wasn't the only thing. "And here in Hungary, for example, they introduced a new floor," Verstappen said, continuing his story: "It's maybe easier if you also look at the second driver. With Mercedes, Lewis and Valtteri are generally always quite close to each other during qualifying on Saturday. That means the car is working well. With us it's different. If the car goes well, Checo [Pérez] is there. But here in Hungary we had a harder time. He qualified fourth, but was more than six tenths slower. Then you really see how big the gap is."

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