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Verstappen wants a new engine: I know what it is now.

Verstappen wants a new engine: "I know what it is now".

01-08-2021 14:22


Earlier today the news came out that the engine of Max Verstappen has been changed after the heavy crash at Silverstone two weeks ago. Olav Mol states that the team discovered a crack in qualifying and that would be the reason to replace the engine in the RB16B.

Crack on the engine side

Mol tells Ziggo Sport that the engine was tested on Friday and was found to be good, but after qualifying it turned out to be not entirely intact. "I now know what it is," Mol said. "It has to do with one of the attachment points of the engine to the chassis."

"There are six bolts, that's what it's attached to. They found a crack in one of the bolts on the engine side. Then I immediately thought: that could also explain why that Friday said we have a problem, but had not fixed it. The car doesn't respond", Mol continues.


According to Mol the small loose part can cause a lot of imbalance in the chassis. However the part seems to be replaceable and Mol does not think that the engine needs to be taken out completely for the rest of the season. 

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