Hamilton on whistle blowing: 'Red Bull created this situation'

01-08-2021 10:48 | Updated: 01-08-2021 12:31
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Hamilton on whistle blowing: 'Red Bull created this situation'

The incident involving Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at Silverstone came to a conclusion on Thursday when it became clear that the Briton's penalty would remain in place. Nothing was further from the truth. Hamilton was booed by fans of Verstappen during qualifying and the post session interviews.

Hamilton was not happy about this after qualifying, to say the least. Among others, the race quote the Brit as saying that this is all created by Red Bull. He is not surprised about the reaction from the fans.

"It's no surprise to me, given the things that have been said by the heads of that team, who have instigated this. During this break people really need to look at the things that have been said, because it's unacceptable what has been said - on top of that the things that have escalated, the fire that it has caused."

Hamilton addresses racism at Red Bull

Because there was, just before the weekend, someone fired at Red Bull for speaking out racially. Hamilton doesn't speculate on what he might have said, but he does know that it affected him.

"They just had to fire someone. I don't know who it was about, it doesn't matter who it was about. When I pass it on to my friend or my dad or my brother, we all feel that pain of what they meant by those words."

Hamilton happy with Mercedes performance despite all the distractions

For where the battle was won by Mercedes off the track, it was the same on the track on Saturday. "I'm really proud of my team for staying focused during this period, because it was a whirlwind of emotions and things coming at us from all sides. But we kept our cool and came here and delivered and I'm really, really proud of everyone."

Hamilton will start Sunday's GP of Hungary on pole position along with teammate Valtteri Bottas, with Verstappen starting from third. This is something the Dutchman is doing with a new engine.

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