Verstappen explains: "Yes, then I use a few swear words"

31-07-2021 18:38 | Updated: 31-07-2021 20:46
Verstappen explains: Yes, then I use a few swear words

Max Verstappen showed after the qualifying session for the Hungarian Grand Prix that he has had enough of all the questions regarding his rivalry with Lewis Hamilton. In the press conference he was asked to say something about his crash at Silverstone.

"I am just as clear, that they must stop with all those questions. Yes, then I use a few swear words," he later responded to De Telegraaf.

"If people can't stand that, they shouldn't listen. Many people are suddenly so solid. I was like: let's get out of here. I've been talking about it all Thursday. I think it was enough now."

Hamilton booed

A remarkable moment after Hamilton's pole position was the boos he had to deal wit. The whistle concert was partly from the Dutch crowd in the stands in Budapest.

Verstappen didn't approve of the fans' behaviour, but does not feel he is the right person to start putting people in their place. "It's not just done, I think a lot of people were not happy with everything that happened at Silverstone two weeks ago. I'm not in favour of booing, but at the same time it's not my job to tell them not to do it."

Verstappen not a supporter

The 23-year-old Limburger continued by saying, "Lewis has been outspoken via social media for example in his way again, everyone does their thing and makes their own choices. Again, I'm not in favour of it, but we are all professional enough as drivers to not care. A helmet like that makes it easier, because then you're not bothered by it."

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