Verstappen not angry with Hamilton: "Wouldn't have found four tenths anyway".

31-07-2021 15:49
Verstappen not angry with Hamilton: Wouldn't have found four tenths anyway.

Max Verstappen was asked about his rivalry with Lewis Hamilton in the press conference after the qualifying session for the Hungarian Grand Prix. The seven-time world champion seemed to want to screw Verstappen by driving very slowly in Q3 on purpose, which would make his Dutch rival cross the start-finish line too late to set a time. Verstappen reacted irritated.

"Can we please stop this? All those f*ing questions all the time, even on Thursday, it's unbelievable. We race hard, but also fair", the 23-year old Dutchman said. Hamilton then says he agrees with this.

What does Verstappen think of the fact that Hamilton tried to play a trick by driving a very slow out-lap? "My tyres were cold and that didn't really help, but I couldn't have found four-tenths," he is honest.

Bottas supports Hamilton

In the press conference, the number two of the day Valtteri Bottas also takes the floor. He thinks the booing towards Hamilton from the grandstand is pretty hopeless. "I heard a lot of boos, but I don't understand that at all. I hope the people who do that realize what they are doing. We are athletes who give everything for the sport we love," said the Finnish driver.

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