F1 boss told Hamilton to call Verstappen: "Shocking on the one hand"

31-07-2021 13:41 | Updated: 31-07-2021 15:26
by GPblog.com
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F1 boss told Hamilton to call Verstappen: Shocking on the one hand

The Formula 1 world is not finished talking about the incident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. In the week after the crash it was announced that a phone call had taken place between the rivals, but now it seems even Stefano Domenicali was involved.

Dutch F1 reporter Olav Mol heard all sorts of noises in the paddock about the moment and its aftermath, including the phone call Hamilton made to Verstappen. According to Mol the Mercedes driver did not do this off his own accord.

Domenicali told Hamilton to call Verstappen

"One thing came to my attention which I found okay on the one hand, but shocking on the other. There was one man who from the moment of the accident kept calling, including Jos Verstappen, and that was Stefano Domenicali," Mol told Formula 1 Café on Ziggo Sport.

He continued: "Every five to six hours he was on the phone, until the Monday after Silverstone. Then he said to Jos: 'Has Lewis Hamilton called yet?', to which Jos said 'No' in all honesty. Then Domenicali said: 'Then I am going to call him that he has to call you'. I think that he is putting himself in the right role as Formula 1 boss", Mol concluded.

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