Binotto: 'Punishment should not be based on the outcome of the accident'

30-07-2021 19:00 | Updated: 30-07-2021 21:07
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Binotto: 'Punishment should not be based on the outcome of the accident'

Red Bull's attempt yesterday to increase Lewis Hamilton's penalty has surprised many people. Especially the way it was done is much talked about. Logically, other team bosses were asked about the situation during the press conference.

During the FIA press conference Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto said that the incident and not the consequences should be looked at. The incident itself should be the basis for the penalty.

"Our personal position on the level of the penalty is that it should not be based on the outcome of the accident. That would be wrong. You have to judge the maneuvers on their own. The same manoeuvre can be different in different corners based on the safety of the corner itself."

Action at copse definitely dangerous according to Ferrari

Because like many others, the team boss of the Italian racing stable believes that Hamilton did take a risk in that corner. This is something the teams need to discuss with the FIA and the stewards, says the Italian.

"What we felt is that such manoeuvres made at Copse definitely pose a high risk to safety itself. Therefore, ultimately the size of the penalty may be judged differently based on where you do it. That's a discussion we can have between team bosses, FIA, F1 commission, to make sure at least for the future that if necessary we do something different or better."

Ferrari will also be watching with interest next weekend to see how Verstappen and Hamilton will do up front. Because if the two drivers make a mistake, Ferrari is a team that could potentially benefit.

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