Verstappen got messages from everyone after heavy crash, except from Wolff

29-07-2021 17:24 | Updated: 29-07-2021 20:27
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Verstappen got messages from everyone after heavy crash, except from Wolff

In front of the cameras of Sky Sports Germany, Max Verstappen elaborated on the phone conversation he had with Lewis Hamilton on Thursday following the Dutchman's heavy crash in the first round of the British Grand Prix.

No excuses from Hamilton

"No, I haven't had any excuses," explained the Dutchman. "In the end it doesn't matter. Of course I wasn't happy with what had happened. I still am not." Verstappen does think it was good that Hamilton called him. "Yes, but that's normal. All the other drivers, other team bosses also sent me a message." From Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, however, Verstappen has heard nothing.

After the race, Verstappen mainly criticized the way Hamilton celebrated his victory and even called it disrespectful. According to the Dutchman, it is difficult to say whether Hamilton realized that the celebration of victory was exaggerated. "He didn't know I was in hospital. Eventually the team has to tell him, but they celebrated as if they had a new world championship. I don't think that was correct."

Not over the limit

The blame for the crash lies with Hamilton, the Dutchman reiterated."I gave him a lot of space and in the end he drove into my car with understeer. Everyone says I drive aggressively, but I don't think so! I'm clearly on the limit but don't go over it. I think I know how to defend in a car and I did that at Silverstone."

Verstappen's retirement and Hamilton's win meant the Dutchman's lead in the championship disappeared like snow in the sun. The difference is now just eight points. "Of course it's a shame we lost so many points. Now we have to see that we get a lot of points back this weekend."

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