Alonso asked about Verstappen crash: 'We just have to keep going'

29-07-2021 13:42 | Updated: 29-07-2021 13:52
Alonso asked about Verstappen crash: 'We just have to keep going'

Max Verstappen's Red Bull Racing team will sit down with F1's hierarchy at 4pm on Thursday afternoon to present new evidence that would allow it to give Lewis Hamilton a higher penalty for his part in the crash during the opening lap of the British Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel were asked about it at the press conference in Hungary.

World champions give opinion

Alonso doesn't want to say too much about it, he revealed to and others . "That was fourteen days ago. We just have to keep going. When handing out a penalty, should the consequences of a crash or touch be taken into account? It's been talked about for a while now, but it's always been that way."

So the Spaniard, who celebrates his 40th birthday today, is not in favour of the idea and Vettel doesn't immediately sound very enthusiastic either. "Difficult, that would have to be decided on a case-by-case basis. The stewards decided what seemed right to them. They probably gave the heaviest possible penalty."

Olav Mol already stepped to the FIA after the British GP two weeks ago because he believes that disproportionate penalties are too often handed out in Formula 1. The Ziggo Sports commentator has started a lobby to introduce finish penalties.

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