Battle Verstappen and Hamilton continues on their bank accounts

28-07-2021 18:13 | Updated: 28-07-2021 20:24
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Battle Verstappen and Hamilton continues on their bank accounts

For the first time in years, Formula 1 has a real battle for the world titles for drivers and constructors. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are well-matched this season and not only on the track but also in terms of bank account, they are the two big earners of Formula 1.

Hamilton leader

The American business magazine Forbes has made an estimate of what all drivers will earn this season and made a top ten of highest incomes. When it comes to income Hamilton will win the title this season. Forbes calculated that the British driver will earn about 62 million dollars. Of this, 55 million is his base salary and the seven-time world champion is estimated to get around $7 million in bonuses. In 2020 Hamilton earned a total of $66 million.

That Hamilton will earn less this season is because Forbes assumes that Verstappen will win the championship this season. That bonus will not go to Hamilton. The Dutchman will earn an estimated 42 million dollars this season. Of this, 'only' 25 million is his base salary, the rest is bonuses for victories and the championship.

According to these predictions, Verstappen will beat Hamilton on the track, but when it comes to their bank account, Verstappen still has to acknowledge his superiority to Hamilton.

The ten highest-paid drivers in 2021

1. Lewis Hamilton 62 million
2. Max Verstappen 42 million
3. Fernando Alonso 25 million
4. Sergio Perez 18 million
5. Sebastian Vettel 15 million
6. Charles Leclerc 12 million
7. Valtteri Bottas 10 million
8. Daniel Ricciardo 10 million
9. Lando Norris 9 million
10. Carlos Sainz 8 million

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