'Verstappen is not the revenge type, he only wants to win'

27-07-2021 13:04 | Updated: 27-07-2021 15:19
by GPblog.com
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'Verstappen is not the revenge type, he only wants to win'

In the new episode of the F1 Nation Podcast Damon Hill and Tom Clarkson discuss the implications of the clash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone.

This week Ziggo Sport's Jack Plooij is a guest on the podcast to give his opinion on the incident from a Dutch point of view.

"I think the main thing is Max, although he is very young, is not impressed by all the stuff surrounding it", says Plooij. "He only wants to beat fair and square, Lewis Hamilton, on track; that is his main goal."

"He has nothing to do with all these people who are shouting, all these other things..." Plooij also apologised for the Dutch fans who used negative terms after the race. "People involved in the sport don't accept that", he said.

Verstappen motivated by loss of points

Plooij is asked if anything will change between the two rivals after the clash at Silverstone. "I can’t talk for Lewis but I know Max is gonna be acting normal like he always does. He doesn’t change, he’s getting more motivated because of the loss of points, but he’s not motivated by the crash itself. He is not the revenge type, he only wants to beat Lewis in Hungary.”

On whether Hamilton has contacted Verstappen. "Yes, as far as I have heard, he has called him." Plooij also tells how the Dutchman is doing now after the crash. "As far as I’ve heard, bruises, a little headache and that’s it.”

The podcast also confirms that Verstappen and Hamilton will not be paired up in Thursday's press conference.

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