Leclerc gives personal opinion: 'Format should maybe be changed'

26-07-2021 18:49 | Updated: 26-07-2021 22:56
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Leclerc gives personal opinion: 'Format should maybe be changed'

During the British Grand Prix last weekend a sprint race took place for the first time. Before the race, there was a lot of criticism, but after the race, there was praise about the new format.

Also, the drivers were very enthusiastic after the sprint races. Charles Leclerc said in conversation with that the increased tension only increased his sharpness in the races. "I really enjoyed it. Friday is normally so boring. To be honest, in the car I always want Friday to just be over. Now we finally have a Friday where we have to go for it in the first free practice, we have qualifying right after. I enjoyed that a lot more."

However, the Ferrari driver also had some advice for the organisation to make it even better. "If I give my personal opinion then I think maybe qualifying should be the start of the race. The format should maybe be changed a bit, but overall I think the sprint race is a good addition. Doing a race on Saturday is possible, but then keep the grid from qualifying."

Leclerc vs Hamilton

Leclerc was close to a win in England but ultimately came up just short of the top podium. Lewis Hamilton overtook him in the closing stages of the race.

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