No more sim races together for Norris and Verstappen: 'Changed to Golf'

24-07-2021 19:46 | Updated: 24-07-2021 23:14
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No more sim races together for Norris and Verstappen: 'Changed to Golf'

Lando Norris is having an exceptionally good season in the McLaren car. After ten races and several podiums he is currently third in the World Championship, ahead of Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez.

Lando Norris is also known for his activity and personality outside driving. In the past Max Verstappen and Norris sometimes drove virtual (sim) races together for Redline. In an interview with NOS the Brit spoke about how now has his own team in the form of Quadrant.

"No. Max and I had a lot of fun and also won a virtual 24 hour race together. That was great. He is a nice guy and we click, but I now have my own e-sports team Quadrant and that makes it a bit more complicated. I'm sure we'll be racing together online at some point. Redline is a fun group of people and I'm still kind of part of it, but I'm dialing down the sim racing."

Coronavirus crisis spurs virtual racing

Because especially last year, the drivers had to sit at home or somewhere else a lot. In addition, there were fewer races than normal during a season. The solution then was sim racing. However, times have changed for Norris as well.

"Because of the coronavirus pandemic we were condemned to sit inside for a long time and then virtual racing was a nice pastime. Now I have switched to golf. I'm still pretty bad and will never be a Tiger Woods, but am just as driven on the holes as I am on the course. It's healthier than that sim. I'm seeing more daylight and I'm a lot browner than I used to be, too."

Norris will be looking to continue his fantastic season next weekend in Hungary, ending his fantastic first half of the season on a positive note.

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