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Alonso sees competition cheat: 'Apparently this is now allowed'

Alonso sees competition cheat: 'Apparently this is now allowed'

24-07-2021 13:48 Last update: 14:58


With his dream start during the sprint qualifying session at Silverstone still in mind Fernando Alonso has been highly critical of his midfield rivals when it comes to track limits. According to the Spaniard his fellow racers consistently go unpunished by the FIA, which also forces Alonso to disregard the rules.

Alonso stated that he became aware of the situation during the second consecutive Grand Prix in Austria. In particular, it is the track limits that the driver says are not always respected in the opening stages of the race, and which he is bothered by. "I felt a bit like an idiot because I respected the rules," the driver said.

Alonso cites a moment during this Grand Prix as an example, when Daniel Ricciardo managed to maintain his lead over Alonso by going wide off the track and making the run-off zone work to his advantage.

What they can ...

In light of this situation, Alonso is therefore forced to race in the same way as his competition. "If the referee doesn't do anything, we understand that we can play with our hands in the penalty area. So we do that", said the Spaniard. "We wish we didn't have to. But because apparently some things are allowed in Formula 1 today, let's copy it."

Alonso continued: "The strategy in the first few races didn't offer us a solution. So we understood that the solution is to do what the others are doing. That's the only thing we can do."

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