'With us, Hamilton heard it for the first time'

23-07-2021 22:16
by GPblog.com
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'With us, Hamilton heard it for the first time'

Lewis Hamilton got a lot of criticism on his performance during the British Grand Prix. Not only did he drive Max Verstappen off the track, he also cheered quite exuberantly after the race while the Dutchman was still in hospital.

Jack Plooij tells in Formula 1 Café on Ziggo Sport that Hamilton did not know for a long time what the problems with Verstappen were. "He heard the word hospital for the first time in our square," Plooij states. "He had heard: 'Medical centre' and 'He walked away from the car'. Normally that's a fine signal. So that's in his head. With us, he heard for the first time that he was in the 'hospital'."

Robert Doornbos, however, didn't think Hamilton could make it to cheer so exuberantly. "As a sportsman he did everything he had to do. You can only respect that. From setbacks to winning the race in legendary fashion. But a little more subdued celebration would have been desirable."

Argument between Hamilton and Verstappen

Both drivers openly argued in the media about the accident. Hamilton has since contacted Verstappen to speak out about the incident, although no details have been released.

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