Ocon cryptic: 'The Monday after Austria we discovered something'

23-07-2021 19:34 | Updated: 23-07-2021 21:44
by GPblog.com
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Ocon cryptic: 'The Monday after Austria we discovered something'

Esteban Ocon had an excellent start of the Formula 1 season but was increasingly disappointing after the Monaco Grand Prix. Although it took the team a long time to figure out what the problem was, the driver thinks it has now been fixed.

Between the race in Italy and Monaco, Ocon scored points for his team four times, often outperforming his teammate Fernando Alonso. The Frenchman, therefore, received plenty of praise for his performance but failed to finish in the points in the following five races. The worries grew for Ocon, but now the team knows what was going on.

"I'm pretty sure we solved the problem we had," Ocon stated in conversation with Motorsport.com. "We didn't just change chassis. A lot of other things have changed in the background as well. The Monday after Austria we discovered something that we wondered if that could be it."

Ocon confident

Ocon hopes his ninth place at Silverstone is just the start of a string of good performances. "The only thing that interests me now is that I feel good now. I was immediately competitive when I first went out on track at Silverstone, as I should have been. That was a lot better."

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